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About Sanctuary Coaching

Meet Marion, the director and founder of Sanctuary...

Personal Coaching

A coach can help you focus on the future, focus on what is you want, really want. ...

Equine Assisted Coaching

Read about enlisting the assistance of horses for coaching...

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Our Ongoing Contribution

At Sanctuary Coaching and Consultancy, we are passionate about the environment and the beautiful native wildlife we have been blessed with here in Australia.

Five percent of our income is donated to the Australian Rescue and Rehabilitation of Wildlife (A.R.R.O.W.) group. Feel free to visit ARROW’s Facebook page to see the difference each dollar donated makes.

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What Sanctuary Coaching Can Do For You

Coaching will free you up from negative and limiting beliefs, from that inner critic that so often warns you to be careful and stay on the well-travelled path. It can rid you of that inner doubt that simply and cheekily tells you that you are not good enough!

As your coach, I will be 100% dedicated to helping you achieve your dreams and goals. Feedback provided by my clients often includes words centered around increased happiness, balance, confidence/self-esteem, inner peace, success, clarity, motivation, energy and fun.

Perhaps you know what it is you want to achieve, but you are struggling with issues around procrastination, fear of failure, or even fear of success! I can help you break through those.
Or you might not have any clear idea of where you want to go, which in itself makes you feel unsettled and restless, that all too familiar “Is this all there is?” feeling.

Coaching: a science in its own right

More than 30 American universities have introduced coaching programs over recent years, including institutions such as Harvard, Yale, New York University and the University of California at Berkeley.

Here in Australia, the University of Sydney offers a Master of Science in Coaching Psychology.


Although I, Marion, am the founder of Sanctuary Coaching, I do not work alone. I have access to a number of coaches who help out when things get very busy, with group workshops, or just sometimes when they seem a better fit for the client.

All our coaches have a degree in one of the social sciences (psychology, counselling etc.), are (Master) NLP Practitioners, Clinical Hypnotherapists and accredited coaches. We are bound by the ethical guidelines of coaching. We also continue our own personal and professional development by being mentored and coached through a peer network.


Email me now and let's discuss how Sanctuary Coaching and Consultancy can help you achieve your goals.